Updated on: 08 February, 2018

Customer Service Policy for Application Development Projects

1. Confidentiality:
ClickmyTech promises to keep customer information confidential.
2. Scope of Project:
Project scope is limited to the Requirement Analysis Document. Only requirement that are specifically written will be considered as requirements. Some minor features/points will be considered as scope of project.
3. Communications:
Emails shall be used for regular updates and reporting to ensure fast delivery of Project. Interactions over Instant Messengers (Whatsapp), SMS or spoken communication will not be considered as official communication.
4. Proof Reading:
Text supplied by the customer is used as it is in the project. Proof reading services are given separately as per requirement.
5. Delay in data submission, clarifications, feedback, milestone approvals and payments:
Customer agrees to submit all data, clarifications, feedback, milestone approvals and payments required during the project in timely manner as per project schedule. Delay in submissions from customer will abrogate the project timelines and increase cost. Delay of more than 15 days beyond the date of request for such submissions will lead to suspension of the project. In case of suspension of project, additional charges may be levied to resume the project. Remaining project shall be carried with revised pricing prevailing at the time of resumption.
6. Project duration and project plan:
Tentative Project plan and schedule is prepared based upon requirements documented at the time of requirement analysis. Schedule is subject to change due to changes in project requirements, additional revision requests from client, delay in data submission etc.
7. Text, Pictures & Images:
Customers agree to provide entire text, all pictures/images to be displays on the website. Customer is responsible to supply and/or obtain the rights and permission for any content or images to be used on the application. Customer will not force upon ClickmyTech Solutions to use “Pirated” software or engage in any means of plagiarism.
8. Workspace:
Project implementation and maintenance will be carried out substantially at our back-office workspace. Onsite or Front Office support can be provided if client agrees to pay additional cost for such support, subject to availability of space at the chosen site.
9. Third party application or service provider:
ClickmyTech has no control over performance of third-party service provider such as web hosting service providers, Domain name registration. We do not guaranty about the performance of the third-party software solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce and others.
10. Refund Policy
Payment once received will not be refundable under any circumstances after initiation of corresponding project delivery milestone work. All project assets created by ClickmyTech for any project delivery milestone will be handed over to customer after completion of corresponding milestone, subject to clearance of previous dues by customer, if any.
11. Annual Maintains Charges (AMC):
AMC charges will be decided mutually after successful deployment of project. AMC period will start after the successful deployment of project.
12. Rights:
ClickmyTech Solutions LLP retains the right to withdraw/terminate the services without penalty if any morally compromising activity is associated with the project – Legal or Illegal, or that the client indulges in any behaviour that bring disrepute, contempt or scandal to ClickmyTech Solutions LLP or is prejudicial to its interests.
13. Force Majeure
ClickmyTech Solutions LLP shall not be deemed in default of its obligations under this proposal nor shall be liable to the client to the extent that it is unable to perform any of its obligations due to any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.
14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This project shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of India and the appropriate courts of Law in Pune alone shall be the courts of competent jurisdiction.